It is ok…

It is ok “not being ok”.

It is ok crying the anguish, experiencing fear.

It is ok indulging in pain, despair.

It is ok not wanting to get up, it is ok not wanting to continue, it is ok to stop.

The banal distraction, is ok.

It is ok looking for distraction.

It is ok wanting to run away.

It is ok running away.

It is ok hitting bottom, once, twice, a million times.

It is ok making a “mistake”.

It is ok questioning everything.

It is ok not wanting to know more, of anything, of anyone.

It is ok not knowing where we are going.

It is ok not knowing what you want.

Is it fair.

And since today it is ok, there will be no counterpart that tells you that what is not ok, is to make these emotions your truth, at least not forever.

Today I will live it like this, completely, total. I will feel it one hundred percent.

Only today, it is ok.

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