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Good morning from Gold Coast, Australia ūüôā :

Waking up with all the attitude and bombarded with inspiration to share this, my first public writing, in this space that I have created to express my message, a message that I love to share with everyone I can reach.

This “novelty” in my life has been an incredibly challenging path for me, from planning to build something like this, to the point of truly sharing it, a path full of endless emotions, moments of Light, moments of anxiety, despair, moments full of love, imagination, disappointment, moments of wanting to abort the mission, and moments of embrace it more than ever…

It is no coincidence that the climax of the entire process that has concerned this moment of “opening”, takes place in the midst of such a significant time as this pandemic, and I am truly grateful for it, and all the tools that are available for me to make this project a reality.

“Moment to create” is the strong message that came to me every time I began to question myself about what was happening in the world.

“It is time to create.”

To create a new life for all humanity, today more than ever, this space opens up for us to create, to stop and “go back home”.

It is true that at the beginning of the pandemic “rumors”, everything was very confusing, the different opinions, the collective awareness of fear, of uncertainty (which is generally the first impulsive response of human beings to changes), and of course I was not the exception.
A few days ago, my first writing would have been different, I wrote something a little “reluctant”, since I just wanted to tell the world to calm down and for a minute, realize the message and the gift behind all this. No need to post that. Life took care of that task in the end, it was necessary that moment of collective stress.

Today, there is nowhere else to go. The Earth takes us more every time to that path that It longed for us to go, and the more the days go by, the more I am convinced of the power that this pandemic is accommodating. Beautiful days have reached us, days of much introspection, days of endless family coexistence, productive days, days in which we are really resuming our deepest longings for the activities we love to do, and that for “lack of time”, we always leave to a side. If you have not already done so, I invite you to try it, there is still time :).

And well, as I mentioned before, after the moments of uncertainty and anxiety, in my case, peace, serenity and inspiration sneaked into my mind.

My desire to express my message simply exploded in the silence of the quarantine, and while there are thousands and millions more reasons why this is happening as it is happening, the main one is because:

I have decided so.

And with this idea I want to present this first writing.

God, Life, The Universe, Mother Earth, or however you prefer to call your center of power, is speaking, constantly speaking, and today, raising your voice a little more so that we can listen to you. There are many ways to opt for in our life and at the end, it is only us who know which is the one that will lead us to our fullest happiness. It is time to create, it is time to find the best version of ourselves, of what I call, “The way back home”. It is today, it is time.

It has been amazing to be able to discover in the process of creating a project that the lesson of everything is in the process itself. To think that “I’ll fulfill the purpose when I finish doing what I set out to do”, is to devalue the entire purpose of the project. A slow, challenging journey is part of the lesson and today there are only moments of gratitude for this journey and coming across this new beginning.

Without more for today, telling you a little bit about my story, points out a little reflection of The Whole.

IT’S TIME TO CREATE, and today with this writing, I invite you to this space and take the opportunity to motivate you to create, create yourself, reinvent yourself, believing that is possible to be YOU again, today more than ever. Happy days of quarantine and the start of new projects.

Thank you thank you thank you.

At Lak’ech Ala K’in


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