About me

Hello! My name is Ileana Maria.

I was born in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, a land full of magic, culture, traditions, and simply an essence of charm that makes everyone who visits it, fall madly in love with it.
Proudly, I am a Veterinarian Zootechnician from the Autonomous University of Yucatan. Masseur, soccer player, athlete in general, writer (silent until now), painter, singer in good times … Lover of nature, animals and every day a little more: of life.

The land that supported me for many years and continues to do so, is also a reflection of what I am, a clear example of a duality that seeks to be balanced every day of Its existence. A great and strong society with undeniable ancestral roots that nurture and sustain it.

Every part of my existence on Earth has led me to the present moment that today I honor with this page. All my life, my lives and Eternity have served, serve and will serve as guiding and learning for what I want to capture in here.

Being a human being is one of the greatest challenges that we can face today as individuals in a society and collective consciousness; and I mention “today” because it is especially in these times of humanity when it is most required to find a genuine balance between the technological advances that we have achieved as a specie, and our Essence as Beings of Light; today more than ever and having experienced all kinds of realities, it is time to return home, and return with all the tools of Wisdom and Awareness that we already possess.

I mention the above as part of my introduction, because especially this duality in my life, and especially the acceptance of duality, is what has strengthened me more and more in my walk on Earth. As one of my guides always says, “Embrace your shadows,” they are nothing but the key to achieving full and true healing.

With all this I want to invite you to this, my website, accepting and recognizing our humanity, as well as our Divinity, on our everyday life, and thus, allowing myself to share with you the tools that in my experience have been the key to finding the way back home.

I thank you and I am thrilled to be able to share with you all that my heart feels and especially, feels to be expressed. I understand that not everything will “click” with you and it is totally perfect, allow yourself to open your heart and take from here everything that corresponds to yourself.

Why “Indigo Shamaness”?

Well, simple and without much fanfare, those are two qualities that accompany my soul Today. Being an Indigo, makes me an adventurous and challenging Being, full of desire to make the world, my world, a safe place to be inhabited. “Shamaness” as its corresponding masculine version: “Shaman”, is a magical Being and above all, connected with Nature (that for people who know me, know that there has always been a feeling of love for Her and an always feeling attracted to their meeting), which seeks to guide, heal and balance life on Earth from Consciousness.

Crazy? Magical? Even better…

With much more to say, I thank you for being here today, reading this and above all allowing yourself this moment. See you around here.

Thank you, thank you, thank YOU.

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