Animal Reiki Healing

As I mentioned before, everything that has happened in my life has brought me to this moment of entrepreneurship and development of new skills, and of course my professional career is no exception.

From a very young age, my connection with animals and nature was undeniable and intense; my family will not let me lie about this and I always always knew that I would be a Veterinarian one day, and I am proud to say that:

I am a Veterinarian and Zootechnician, and my life purpose has always been geared towards care and welfare of animals and the environment.

Domestic animals, which are the closest animals to the human race are the ones that constantly reflect the behavior patterns associated with the human being. There is more and more “humanization” of our pets due to our desire to “pamper them”.
All of this, in most cases, is counterproductive for them, since they also begin to develop an imbalance of their natural energy and their purposes of life causing them to begin to develop behaviors of stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

Especially dogs, being our greatest protectors with unconditional love, begin to absorb in an uncontrolled way, the harms that the owner may afflict.

I mention all this because many times for humans can feel understandable the why an animal “would need” reiki, and well, this would really be the main reason, animals have an innate and extraordinary self-regulation ability, but being brought to the point where their animal nature can get damaged, assist them in this way to remind them of the essence of their Soul, becomes very beneficial for them.

Pets in terminal moments, etc, it is never a bad time to support those who love us the most, making the way back to its essence.

To all this I would like to add that, my little secret and one of the main reasons why this project is being carried out, is because I have come to the conclusion, understood and feeling that, to care for, protect and love all animal, vegetable, and all creation from Mother Earth, it is necessary to heal from love, the origin of which animals are most afflicted in these times: humans.

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