Guided Meditation

Sometimes we can fear, avoid or even not recognize the term “meditation”, but in fact, this action occurs within us many times during our daily life.

Meditating is as simple as pausing in our day to ask ourselves or analyze whether our actions, thoughts and feelings are aligned with our Heart, with the greatest longings and dreams of our Soul.

Sure, it sounds simple, but how many times do we give ourselves this opportunity during the day ?, An aspect so important, so ours, so proper, would suppose to be the guide of our life, right? It is no coincidence that each time society considers this “activity” as something external to it, before a system of haste and consumerism like the one we are living these days, stopping to analyze if my life is really mine, would mean a total stoppage and a change of direction for many, or simply a matter of adjustments to make this the best possible version.

So, what is meditation? How can meditate help me?
As I mentioned before, meditate is our way back home, going back inside, listen to my deepest self, understanding me, my actions, my thoughts and try, try and try every day to be faithful to all this, which at the same time is Just ME.
And like many things on Earth, “practice makes perfect”, something that has been left so far behind in many cultures, it is normal that we do not remember how to do it, how to get back there and how to turn off the mind.

Believe me when I tell you, IT IS POSSIBLE, it is possible to get to know you again in the midst of all the noise, to always be us the only loving creators of our own lives.

I am here to support where required, and just as this “activity” is practiced one hundred percent as an individual practice, having a group of people willing and motivated towards the same way back home is always a blessing to have. The energy of a committed group is so strong that it can achieve the “incredible.”

From being able to guide from one to ten people, this is my service when it comes to this area. Write to me if you would like to start, get to know and even improve this practice with my support and my guidance, as well as if you have a group of people who would like to get going but do not know how to start, I would be honored to be able to assist them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you always.

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