Holistic Remedial Massage

It is clear that not everyone can give a massage; knowledge, skills and above all, experience are required.

I am infinitely grateful for the time in my life when I had to work as a masseuse during my years of University to cover expenses. It may be that at the time I did not understand why I had finished, in a place of physiotherapy. Today everything makes sense, as I mentioned in various sections of the website. Now, I can proudly say that I have been able to create, with the foundations of massage, physiology and holistic medicine, a massage specially designed to work with stagnant emotions in the body.

The body is a perfect machine, totally perfect and it is never wrong, it is simply a perfect creation. Although the body becomes ill, hurts, or hurts, it is simply a reflection or response of our subtle orders, beliefs, or thoughts. Some diseases can also carry a burden beyond what we know.

For all this we do not have to feel bad or blame ourselves, most of the time this is a matter of the subconscious, which of course we built ourselves, but as I said before: unconsciously.

What does corresponds and concerns us, is that now that the body has manifested this ailment, we must focus on: HEALING.

For this process, this “massage” can be of great help. We are one with our bodies, and by listening and paying attention to signs, we are capable of anything, even “miracles”, which are only genuinely taking charge of our lives.
Going through the body we can know what happens or what does not happen in us…

If you would like to know more about this massage, or just experience it, contact me, I would love to support 🙂


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