Shamanic Reiki Healing

The concept of certification in the spiritual sphere is, for me, a rather curious subject, since who can certify you in matters of the heart and soul? The answer to this question is precisely that, The Heart and the Soul.

Although I have managed to unlock this ancient wisdom, attending specialized courses on spiritual subjects, it was not until I began to practice it and experience it with the people closest to me, that:

The Healing Power resides in everyone and it is a matter of loving and working being a healing channel for people, supported of course with the guidance and Love of all my spiritual guides and my mission of life.

When did I realize that the Reiki I practiced was Shamanic? When by mere channeling, I began to use the 4 elements of nature, as a tool in the sessions, when in Reiki therapy of balance of chakras, the elements were present as a parameter of the same balance.

Everything made sense in my life at this moment of realization, the geographical location in which I was born, full of Mayan stories and ancestral connection, the passion for animals, for Nature, for Water, outdoor camps…

I was and am more connected to Nature than ever, and today She assists and supports me in these Reiki Shamanic Healings.

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